Wednesday September 21, 2016
9:00 am
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The main driving force behind any nation’s development & progress is the availability of secure ENERGY resources and their economical & efficient use in a best possible manner. In spite of the increasing use of renewable energy in this century, HYDROCARBONS are still, and seem to remain in foreseeable future, the predominant and vital energy source. Rapidly increasing use and depletion of conventional oil & gas resources led the industry to find the new ways and methods to improve the exploration & production of these resources and at the same time looking for the possibilities of exploiting the non-conventional hydrocarbon resources such as Shale Oil & Gas, Tight Gas, Heavy Oil/ Tar Sands, Methane Hydrates, Coalbed Methane (CBM) etc.

In pursuance to this aim, E&ES/BUKC will be holding an international conference ‘Conventional& Unconventional Resource Exploration- Hydrocarbon Energy Challenges & Solutions’ CURE-HECS 2016 on 20-21 September 2016 at BUKC. It will be the first ever conference in Pakistan on this highly critical issue.

This will bring national and international hydrocarbon exploration industry and academia on one forum to discuss the potential, promise, challenges, problems and viable solutions to address this extremely vital topic , with special emphasis to Pakistan. The conference will be held under the auspices of Pakistan Petroleum Limited and with the support and cooperation of Higher Education Commission and Oil & Gas/Mineral Exploration industries in Pakistan. A wider spectrum of three basic but inter related disciplines – Geophysics, Geology and Environment as well as relevant aspects of Petroleum Engineering will be covered in a parallel three track proceedings to obtain an integrated expert view of Pakistan’s present & future hydrocarbon exploration scenario.

Speakers From

Academia – National & International Universities & Institutes
Petroleum Industry – Pakistani & International Companies
Foreign & Local Government Organizations, Ministries, Survey Companies, Stakeholders and NGOs.
Students from Pakistani & Foreign Universities

Keynote Speakers


Professor Dr. Bilal Ul Haq

He is presently a researcher at Smithsonian Institution, USA and professor at Pierre and Marie Curie University (Sorbonne Universités) France. He did Masters in Geology from University of Punjab, Pakistan and received his doctorate degree from the University of Stockholm in Sweden and went on to pursue an extremely productive research career at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, before joining Exxon Research Labs in Houston for an equally productive career in the industry. During that time, he worked and published extensively on a variety of issues related to soft-rock geology; Dr. Bilal was a true pioneer in the fields of paleobiogeography, paleoceanography, sequence stratigraphy, and eustasy. Some of his publications are among the most highly cited papers in the field of Earth Sciences. In 1988, he joined National Science Foundation and has had a distinctive career as the director for marine geology and geophysics programs. His impact on sedimentary geology has been widely recognized; in 1998, he was awarded the Francis Shepard Medal by the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM); and in 1999, he was elected fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He also received the NSF’s Antarctic Service Medal in the same year. In 1987, Bilal Haq published, with his staff, the chart of sea level changes over the past 250 million years. This publication is part of the list of 100 publications that have had the greatest influence on the development of earth sciences and Bilal is listed in the company of those few, important researchers such as Lyell, Darwin, Hutton or Milankovitch. As part of his activity for UNESCO and the World Bank, he also plays an important social role for developing countries by controlling or initiating a series of programs on the impact of sea-level rise on the economies of these countries.  Dr. Bilal Haq’s extraordinary contributions to ocean sciences will certainly have a long-lasting impact in the continuing development of our knowledge in marine geosciences.


Pablo Saldungaray

He is a Principal Petrophysicist working for Schlumberger in customer support and interpretation development. He is currently based in Abu Dhabi, providing support to several countries in the Middle East region. Since he joined Schlumberger as Wireline engineer in 1989, he has held several positions in the field and data processing centers in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East since 2008. He also has worked and consulted for oil companies operating in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. At present Pablo has more than 25 years’ experience in the industry working in conventional and unconventional reservoirs evaluation using a wide range of logging tools and measurements. He has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the National South University (1987) and an MBA from the Austral University (1995), Argentina. Pablo is an active member of the SPWLA and SPE, and participated in several papers as author or co-author for these societies, for the EAGE and other industry related publications.


Philip Goldstone

He received a Bachelor of Science (1975) in geophysics\geology with a concentration in oceanography from the City University of New York (CUNY) (USA) and a Masters of Business (MBA) (1982) in finance and management from the State University of New York (SUNY) (USA). Currently Philip is working as seismic survey quality control consultant for Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL). During his professional career, he worked for Western Geophysical (1975-1979) in Houston, Texas, USA as a data processor and researcher in advanced processing techniques being developed for lithologic interpretation and a seismic interpreter for Cities Service (1980-1981) in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA. After completion of his MBA in 1982, Philip worked in various consulting roles as a geophysicist, field seismic processor and quality control supervisor in field marine acquisition projects in Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe (1982 -1984), Telluric Exploration (1984-1986) and transition zone (TZ) acquisition in Louisiana, USA (1996-1999). Since 2005 he has worked as a seismic quality control supervisor on land; desert, mountain, agricultural, marsh and transition zone in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, Mexico and the USA.

Submission Timeline for Paper

Abstract/Initial Paper Submission:       30 June 2016
Acceptance Notification:                            15 July 2016
Final Paper Submission:                              15 Aug 2016
Early Bird Registration:                                30 Aug 2016

Abstract Format

Max Words:  250-300
Key words:     3-5
Brief:                 Objective, Methodology& Results

Submit through Email at


  • Possible seismic exploration strategies &EOR technologies to improve the conventional oil & gas production in Pakistan.
  • Application of non-seismic geophysical techniques in petroleum exploration.
  • Current status of conventional hydrocarbon exploration in Pakistan.


  • Global & regional Shale Oil & Gas, Gas Hydrates prospects / potential and current activity & productivity.
  • Shale Oil & Gas and Gas Hydrate potential of Pakistan.
  • Depleting & emerging oil fields- onshore & offshore.

Environment & Others

  • Environmental Impacts of Shale Oil & Gas exploration & possible mitigation strategies.
  • Major & critical technical issues in unconventional hydrocarbon exploration/drilling.
  • Regulatory system for unconventional ShaleOil &Gas exploration.
  • Life cycle of a Shale Oil & Gas field & associated business cycle

For Registeration, Contact:
Mr. Muhammad Tahir (Conference Secretary)
Cell:    +923332224285
Office: +92(21)99240002-6 Ext:380

Professor Dr. Mubarik Ali (Program Chair)
Cell:    +923325405258
Office: +92(21)99240002-6 Ext:264